frac fluid

heating unit rental

At Rapid Heating Services Ltd, we are proud to offer quality frac fluid heating options to help you get the job done.

about our unit

Our powerful heating unit is designed to heat quickly and safely.

Powerful Heating Unit
  • 20 million BTU heat exchanger
  • Used for heating frac fluid
  • Equipped with high pressure steam boiler
  • 60kw generator
  • Electronically controlled
  • Specified heat control
  • All enclosed on 53 foot drop deck trailer
  • Two large diesel Riello burners
  • Pump capable of pumping 4500 litres per minute

frozen pipes or valves?

We can help! We have a 15 horsepower high pressure steam boiler installed in the unit that is used specifically for thawing frozen lines, pipe, valves etc.

No other unit we know of has this, and it will eliminate the need to call a different company for a boiler in the wintertime!

Frozen Pipes
Hurst Boiler

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